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Franchising agreements

Online catalogue | Contracts for services |  Franchising agreements

Franchise Agreement (standard)

£27.50 plus VAT - A franchising agreement designed for comparative ease-of-use.

Franchise Agreement (premium)

£55.00 inc VAT - A comprehensive franchising agreement template.

Choosing your Franchising Agreement

A franchise is a licence to use another person's business model. As part of a franchise, the franchisor may grant to the franchisee a right to use its trade marks, use its marketing and point of sale materials, resell its products, provide its specialist services, and so on. The franchisor may also provide training and other support services to the franchisee.

The premium franchising agreement template we supply includes all the provisions of the standard document, with some additions.

In addition to the provisions in the standard franchising agreement, the premium agreement template includes provisions relating to confidentiality, publicity, product liability indemnities, intellectual property rights infringement indemnities, the leasing of equipment by the franchisor to the franchisee for use in the business, insurance and owner guarantees. It also includes a more detailed trade mark licence.

Online catalogue | Contracts for services |  Franchising agreements

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