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Privacy Policies

Online Catalogue |  Privacy Policies

Website privacy policy

£10.00 inc VAT - A template suitable for creating privacy policies for a wide range of websites.

Cookies policy

£7.50 inc VAT - A detailed cookies policy template suitable for use on cookie-heavy websites.

Privacy and cookies policy

£17.50 inc VAT - A document combining the terms of our privacy and cookies policies.

Privacy and cookies policy (online shop)

£17.50 inc VAT - A privacy and cookie policy template adapted for ecommerce stores.

Privacy and cookies policy (social networking)

£17.50 inc VAT - A privacy and cookie policy adapted for social networks.

Privacy and cookies policy (lead generation)

£17.50 inc VAT - For sites collecting lead information and passing it on to suppliers.

Which Privacy Policies?

The essential function of privacy policies is the disclosure of information to users about the way a website collects, processes, stores, discloses and otherwise uses personal information.

Privacy policies should be drafted to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. They should also take account of the guidance issued by the Information Commissioner's Office on the drafting of privacy policies.

The website privacy policy document contains general disclosures concerning these matters. The cookies policy is a specific kind of privacy policy, providing detailed disclosures about the use of cookies.

The website privacy policy document includes a summary cookies policy, and the latter document should only be necessary where a website makes extensive use of cookies. (If you do not know whether your website uses cookies, you should ask your web developer.)

Online Catalogue |  Privacy Policies

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