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Services Agreement (premium)

Online Catalogue | Services Contracts | Services Agreements |  Services Agreement (premium)

Services Agreement (premium)

Services Agreement (premium)

Price: 50.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

We created this premium agreement for services template with flexibility in mind. It is designed for use in relation to a wide range of different business-to-business services. This agreement for services is a fuller version of the standard services agreement available on this website. In addition to the provision in the standard agreement, the premium version contains optional provisions concerning deliverables, intellectual property rights (which may be required where a service provider is contracted to produce copyright materials) and project management. See:

Sample Agreement for Services

(This shows a selection of clauses from the standard T&Cs for the supply of services document.)

This agreement can be adapted to be supplier-friendly, customer-friendly or balanced.

This template agreement for services contains the following provisions:

> Definitions and interpretation
> Appointment and Term
> Services
> Deliverables
> Customer obligations
> Project management
> Charges and payment
> Warranties
> Intellectual Property Rights
> Limitations and exclusions of liability
> Data protection
> Confidentiality
> Publicity
> Force Majeure Event
> Termination
> Effects of termination
> Non-solicitation
> Notices
> General

Note: this document is not suitable for use where services are being provided to consumers (rather than businesses).

The premium agreement for services template is 19 pages long (including footnotes and cover page). It is delivered via email link in Microsoft Word (.doc) format.

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Online Catalogue | Services Contracts | Services Agreements |  Services Agreement (premium)

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