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Web Marketing Agreement (standard)

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Web Marketing Agreement (standard)

Price: 35.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

This is a web marketing agreement template. We designed this agreement for use in relation to the provision of web marketing services, such as on-site search engine optimisation (SEO), link building and link generation, social media promotion, and the management of email marketing and affiliate marketing programmes. You can review a selection of sections from the template agreement here:

Sample Web Marketing Agreement

This is the "standard" version of the web marketing agreement. (The "premium" website marketing agreement also includes provision about a minimum contract period, non disclosure of confidential information, consent for publicity, additional customer obligations and formal notices under the contract.)

The document is in traditional "agreement" format, and should be signed in hard copy by or on behalf of each of the parties.

The web marketing agreement contains these clauses:

(1) Definitions and interpretation
(2) Term
(3) Services
(4) Customer responsibilities
(5) Legality
(6) Intellectual Property Rights
(7) Charges and payment
(8) Warranties
(9) Limitations and exclusions of liability
(10) Data protection
(11) Termination
(12) Effects of termination
(13) General

The web marketing agreement is 13 pages long (including the footnotes cover sheet) and is supplied in MS Word (.doc) format.

Web Marketing Agreement Q&A

Does the agreement disclaim liability in relation to damage to a customer's reputation?

Yes. It includes an optional exclusion of liability in relation to "loss or damage to reputation or goodwill". Whether such an exclusion is enforceable in any particular case is another matter, and one on which you may wish to take legal advice.

Our web marketing services involve confidential techniques. Does the web marketing agreement restrict the disclosure of such secret techniques?

The template includes a short-form confidentiality clause, which can cover this type of information.

We are in the process of instructing a new web marketing agency, and want to stop them from making their work for us public. Does the contract do this?

The easiest way to do this would be using the publicity section that appears in the premium web marketing agreement (but not this standard version).

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Online Catalogue | Web Services Contracts | Web Advertising & Marketing Contracts | Web Marketing Agreements |  Web Marketing Agreement (standard)

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