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Capability procedure

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A document setting out an employer's policies in relation to employee capabilities.

This capability procedure is a general guide to the management of underperforming employees. It is designed to deal with incidents of underperformance caused by health considerations or underperformance due to competency and/or skills.

It is not designed to deal with disciplinary matters, for which a disciplinary policy should be used. See our disciplinary procedure template.

It is essential that capability issues are managed in a consistent and transparent fashion. This document will provide clarity to employees and managers in the management of capability, and allow organisations to respond to such issues in a pro-active and lawful fashion.

Whilst capability is a potentially fair reason for dismissing an employee, any such dismissal must follow a proper process, and the employee must be give a reasonable opportunity to improve. This procedure sets out basic steps that will assist organisations with legal compliance.

  1. Purpose
  2. Definition and Scope
  3. Procedure
The procedure is 5 pages long (including the cover sheet).

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