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Staff handbook

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This staff handbook (or staff manual) is a detailed non-contractual employee handbook containing a range of key policies that should be in place in all organisations.

A full and detailed handbook for staff is a key management tool, and is often one of the first documents that is given to a new employee. As a result, it not only needs to reflect the culture and values of the organisation, but should project a professional impression of the organisation as a whole.

In addition to employment contracts which contain the contractually binding terms and conditions between employee and employer, it is essential that the employer's position in relation to policy and procedure is clearly established in a handbook.

Without a clear staff handbook organisations may fail to follow their legal obligations, and may also find that a custom and practice is established that is different to the employer’s intention. This can lead to disputes with employees and can be both costly and time consuming.

This staff handbook sets out in full the policies that employers should typically have in place. It has been drafted in such a way to allow additional information to be included to suit your organisation where required. A series of footnotes throughout the document will make applying the handbook as simple as possible for your organisation, allowing you to focus on a clear and concise set of policies.

The handbook should not be used in place of a contract of employment, and is intended to be complimentary to the contracts of employment available for purchase on this site.

  1. Disciplinary Policy
  2. Grievance Policy
  3. Capability Policy
  4. Equal Opportunities Policy
  5. Data Protection Policy
  6.  Monitoring Policy
  7. Security Policy
  8. Flexible Working Policy
  9. Maternity Policy
  10. Paternity Policy
  11. Dependant Leave Policy
  12. Compassionate Leave Policy
  13. Dress Code
  14. No Smoking Policy
  15. Expenses Policy
  16. Managing Stress Policy
  17. Retirement Policy
The employment handbook is fifty six pages long, and contains seventeen policies. In addition to the introduction pages which are designed to be personalised to suit the nature, culture and history of your organisation.

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