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Translation agreement (assignment, fee)

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A translation agreement under which rights in the translation are assigned to the commissioning company.

This translator agreement includes an assignment of the copyright in a translation from the translator to the publisher. In consideration for the production of the translation and the assignment of copyright, the translator will receive an agreed fee (rather than a royalty). The document is specifically designed for use in relation to book translations, although it may be adapted for use in relation to similar forms of work.

  1. Definitions and interpretation
  2. Assignment of rights
  3. Delivery and acceptance
  4. Page proofs
  5. Publishers responsibilities
  6. Publication
  7. Complimentary copies
  8. Translator's undertakings, warranties and indemnity
  9. Moral rights
  10. Term and termination
  11. Effects of termination
  12. Waivers and remedies
  13. Severence
  14. Variation
  15. Assignment and sub-contracting
  16. Further assurance
  17. Third party rights
  18. Entire agreement
  19. Governing law and jurisdiction

Schedule 1: Specification

This template is 10 pages long.

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