Fixed term employment contract

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This English law employment contract template has been designed for employees on fixed-term contracts. Download now, and start editing right away.

This employment contracted is for fixed term employees. It comes in three versions: basic, standard and premium.

Basic version

A simple employment terms and conditions template to be used in the employment of junior or non-strategic staff on a fixed-term (temporary) basis.

Many businesses employ staff on a fixed-term basis, and at a junior level often do so to provide maternity cover for a woman absent on maternity leave. Whilst this employment terms and conditions template can be used for any junior fixed-term employee, it is certainly appropriate when employing maternity cover.

All employers are legally obliged to provide employees with written details of their terms and conditions of employment. Doing so not only avoids any misunderstandings, but also protects the employer from having to pay compensation for a failure to do so. That said, this employment terms and conditions template does not contain detailed provisions that would be more appropriate for a more senior employee such as expenses, benefits (such as PHI, medical insurance, life assurance), bonus, company car or car allowance, garden leave, post termination restrictions and effect of termination.

The employer terms and conditions template is drafted with a focus on the employer's interests, whilst at the same time complying with the law.

Standard version

A template employment contract which is designed to be used for individuals employed by the business on a fixed-term basis, and at a mid-level in terms of seniority of responsibility.

Very often a business will wish to employ an individual to provide additional technical support, or where it is envisaged that there will be an increased workload for a set period. Rather than employ additional resource on an ongoing basis, employers often choose the relative security that comes with fixed-term employees. This template employment contract sets out the employment terms that will bind both the business and the fixed-term employee, and are designed to provide as much protection to the business as possible.

The template allows you to detail the precise type of fixed-term that is to be offered to the employee, and whether it is to terminate on a set date, be for an initial fixed-term and then continue on an ongoing basis or otherwise. It is designed to be flexible, and to allow you to tailor it to your needs.

Unlike the premium fixed-term employment contract, this template employment contract does not contain any restrictions on the activities that the employee can undertake following the termination of employment. As such, it should not be used for cases where the fixed-term employee’s future activities will be of concern to you.

In using this template employment contract to record the terms of employment of a new fixed-term employee, you may also wish to consider our offer letter in addition. This has the benefit of setting out for the employee in a digestible form the terms that are provided in more detail in the contract itself.

Premium version

A detailed employer agreement template which should be used for senior employees or employees who are of strategic significance to the business and who are employed on a fixed-term basis.

Some companies will employ senior staff on a fixed-term basis to provide assistance with a particular project, to provide expertise in a specific area, or where there is simply a resource issue that has to be met. This employer agreement is designed to deal with such employees, and ensure that the relationship with the employer is recorded in proper form.

Also, this employer agreement allows companies to employ a senior employee for a fixed period and in doing so establish whether the employee is suitable for the role in question. If not, it would be very much easier to bring employment to an end at the end of the fixed term under a fixed-term employer agreement than if the employee was employed on an ongoing basis.

The agreement sets out the basis for the employee's fixed-term employment by the company, and explains how issues such as pay and duration of the contract are dealt with.

In employing a senior employee for a fixed-term, it is important that the key legal issues relevant to the relationship are set out clearly. Given the importance of doing so, this fixed-term employer agreement is long and detailed. The contract has been drafted to provide protection to the company whilst at the same time remaining compliant with the law and current best practice. The agreement covers key areas where there is often dispute such as duration of employment, termination of the fixed-term and the specific activities that the employee is required to undertake during the fixed-term employer agreement.

If this employer agreement is to be used for the appointment of a new fixed-term employee, you should also consider our offer letter template.

This employer agreement should not be used for statutory directors of the company - if you are looking for director's contract, see our director’s agreement template.

  1. Appointment and Duration
  2. Duties
  3. Place of Work
  4. Hours of Work
  5. Salary
  6. Expenses (standard and premium only)
  7. Bonus (standard and premium only)
  8. Pension (standard and premium only)
  9. Permanent Health Insurance (standard and premium only)
  10. Private Medical Insurance (standard and premium only)
  11. Life Assurance (standard and premium only)
  12. Holiday
  13. Car / Car allowance (standard and premium only)
  14. Sickness
  15. Confidential Information
  16. Intellectual Property (standard and premium only)
  17. Conflict of Interests
  18. Termination of Employment
  19. Effect of Termination (standard and premium only)
  20. Post Termination Restrictions (standard and premium only)
  21. Discipline and Grievance
  22. Data Protection
  23. Collective Agreements
  • Length (basic version): 12 pages
  • Length (standard version): 16 pages
  • Length (premium version) 23 pages
  • Format: Word (.doc)
  • Author: Mark Minns, mpm Legal


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