Full time employment contract

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This employment agreement template comes in three versions: the basic version is short and simple; the standard version has a selection of optional provisions; the premium version is complex but flexible.

This full time employment contract is designed, as the name suggests, with full time employees in mind. The contract is drafted with a focus on the employer’s interests, and is designed to be sufficiently flexible such that it can be used in a number of different scenarios. The template explains that both the employee and the employer are expected to abide by certain terms and conditions, and in doing so will assist in reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings and disputes in the future.

This employment contract contains all of the basic provisions which you are by law required to comply with. Should you not provide an employee with written terms and conditions of employment, you could face a legal claim and have an award of compensation made against you.

We publish alternative contract documents covering part time employees and fixed term employees.

The template comes in three versions: a basic version, a standard version and a premium version.

Basic full time employment contract

A simple employment contract to be used in the employment of junior, administrative or non-strategic staff. You could, for example, use this contract for junior office staff, or employees that undertake routine tasks for you such as providing secretarial support or general office activities.

As it is designed to be used for junior employees, this employee contract does not contain the types of provisions that you would expect to see in a contract for a more senior employee covering such matters as expenses, benefits (such as PHI, medical insurance, life assurance), bonuses, company cars or car allowances, garden leave, post-termination restrictions and effects of termination.

Standard full time employment contract

A full employment agreement which should be used for middle management and other mid-level employees who are paid more, or are of greater importance to the business, than junior or administrative staff - even if they are not critical to the ongoing success of the business.

This template deals with the provision of insured benefits (such as medical insurance) and the payment of bonuses, which may be more relevant to mid-level employees. Also, this template deals with intellectual property and can be used if the employee undertakes creative activities for the business. Although more detailed than the basic employment contract, this agreement template is less detailed than the premium employment contract. For example, there is no provision at all for restrictions on the activities of the employee after the termination of employment.

Premium full time employment contract

A detailed contract of employment template which should be used for senior employees or employees who are of strategic significance to the business. A contract of employment of this type could be used for a sales manager, an employee with responsibility for a regional area or an employee with responsibility for a particular product or service.

Senior or key employees are often essential for the ongoing success of a business, and as a result, this contract of employment is long and detailed. In creating this contract, consideration has been given to protecting the interests of the employer, and ensuring that there is compliance with the law and best practice. The contract covers key areas where there is often dispute such as the employee’s duties, the use of confidential information and the way in which insured benefits such as permanent health insurance and medical insurance are provided.

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If this employment agreement is to be used for the appointment of a new employee, we also provide an offer letter template, which can be used in conjunction with this employment agreement.

This contract template should not be used for statutory directors of the company - if you are looking for a director's contract, see our director's service contract template.

  1. Appointment and Duration
  2. Duties
  3. Place of Work
  4. Hours of Work
  5. Salary
  6. Expenses (standard and premium only)
  7. Bonus (standard and premium only)
  8. Pension (standard and premium only)
  9. Permanent Health Insurance (standard and premium only)
  10. Private Medical Insurance (standard and premium only)
  11. Life Assurance (standard and premium only)
  12. Holiday
  13. Car / Car Allowance (standard and premium only)
  14. Sickness
  15. Confidential Information
  16. Intellectual Property (standard and premium only)
  17. Conflict of Interests
  18. Termination of Employment
  19. Effect of Termination (standard and premium only)
  20. Post-Termination Restrictions (standard and premium only)
  21. Discipline and Grievance
  22. Data Protection
  23. Collective Agreements
  • Length (basic version): 12 pages
  • Length (standard version): 16 pages
  • Length (premium version) 22 pages
  • Format: Word (.doc)
  • Author: Mark Minns, mpm Legal


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