Part time employment contract

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A contract to regulate the relationship between an employer and a part-time employee. The template can be downloaded now and edited to suit the particular circumstances of your part-time employees.

This part time employment contract comes in three versions:

  • first, a basic version to be used in the employment of junior, administrative and non-strategic staff (in other words, staff that provide services to the business at a basic level);
  • second, a standard version be used for part-time employees that are employed at an intermediate level, or who are important for the ongoing success of the business, but perhaps not essential; and
  • third, a detailed version for senior employees or employees who are of strategic significance to the business.

In each case, the contract should only be used with part time employees. For other types of employees, see our full time employment contract and our part time employment contract.

As an employer you are legally required to provide an employee with written details of their employment terms, whatever level the employee is employed at, and even where the employee works for only a few hours per week. Should you fail to do so, you risk an award of compensation being made against you.

The basic contract is a cut-down version of the standard document. It does not contain the same level of detail that appears in the standard contract. It does not deal with expenses, benefits (such as PHI, medical insurance, life assurance), bonus, company car or car allowance, garden leave, post termination restrictions and effect of termination. The basic version might be appropriate for a part-time receptionist or security guard, for example.

Businesses will employ staff at an intermediate level on a part-time basis for many reasons. Perhaps a full time member of staff has requested to work part-time in future (possibly upon return from maternity leave), or perhaps the business plans to trial a new venture or product and in the first instance wishes to avoid the additional cost that comes with a full time member of staff. The standard version of this contract for employment covers all of the key terms that you will require for a mid-level part-time employee. It provides a number of options to enable you to properly record the precise type of part-time working to be undertaken. For example, the employee may work for five half days per week, or for three full days.

Some businesses employ senior staff to work on a part-time basis in areas such as financial reporting or IT support that may not require or justify a full time employee. The premium version of this employee agreement is designed to deal with such part-time employees. Given the importance of senior or key employees to a business, the premium version is long and detailed. It has been drafted in order to give as much protection to the company as possible whilst at the same time remaining compliant with the law and current best practice. The agreement covers key areas where there is often dispute such as hours of work, remuneration and the activities that the employee is permitted to undertake when working for the company. For senior part-time employees this is often a crucial area, and one which requires specific provision in the agreement.

The template sets out full details of the terms of employment that have been agreed between the business and the employee, and is designed to avoid ambiguity and uncertainty. This template is drafted with a focus on the employer’s interests, and is flexible enough to use in a range of scenarios. The template can be tailored by you to the precise needs of your business, and the circumstances of the part-time employee concerned.

If this contract is to be used for the appointment of a new employee, you might also like to consider our offer letter template.

This employee agreement should not be used for statutory directors of the company - if you are looking for director's contract, see our director's service contract template.

  1. Appointment and Duration
  2. Duties
  3. Place of Work
  4. Hours of Work
  5. Salary
  6. Expenses (standard and premium only)
  7. Bonus (standard and premium only)
  8. Pension (standard and premium only)
  9. Permanent Health Insurance (standard and premium only)
  10. Private Medical Insurance (standard and premium only)
  11. Life Assurance (standard and premium only)
  12. Holiday
  13. Car / Car allowance (standard and premium only)
  14. Sickness
  15. Confidential Information
  16. Intellectual Property (standard and premium only)
  17. Conflict of Interests
  18. Termination of Employment
  19. Effect of Termination (standard and premium only)
  20. Post Termination Restrictions (standard and premium only)
  21. Discipline and Grievance
  22. Data Protection
  23. Collective Agreements
  • Length (basic version): 12 pages
  • Length (standard version): 16 pages
  • Length (premium version) 23 pages
  • Format: Word (.doc)
  • Author: Mark Minns, mpm Legal


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