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Publishing Contracts

Online Catalogue |  Publishing Contracts

Author Agreements (basic)

£40.00 inc VAT - Straightforward contracts for book publishing.

Author Agreements (standard)

£60.00 inc VAT - More detailed and flexible agreements for book publishing.

Author Agreements (premium)

£80.00 inc VAT - Extended author contracts for the book publishing industry.

Editor Agreements

£65.00 inc VAT - Contracts to govern the publisher-editor relationship.

Contributor Agreements

£40.00 inc VAT - Legal documents for contributors to multi-author works.

Artwork Agreements

£40.00 inc VAT - Contracts for the engagment of artists to produce work for incorporation into publications.

Permissions Letters

£17.50 inc VAT - Letter templates for seeking permission to use existing copyright works.

Translation Contracts

£45.00 inc VAT - Contracts to govern the supply of translation services.

Online Catalogue |  Publishing Contracts

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