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Our guarantee

We offer a 1 year money-back guarantee.

If, within 1 year of paying for a document template, you notify us in writing that you require a refund and have deleted the relevant template from your computer and media, we will promptly refund the corresponding payment to you, subject to the express terms of this guarantee.

We may required that you complete and sign a formal cancellation form, and return it, together with photocopies of appropriate identification documents, to us by post. The cancellation form includes a legal declaration that you have deleted the relevant template from your computer and media, and a legal undertaking that you will not in any event use the template without repurchasing it from our website. If we request that you complete a cancellation form, then within 14 days of receipt of a duly completed cancellation form and satisfactory identification evidence (matching the registered user information held on our website database) we will usually authorise a refund of the full amount paid for the relevant template.

Refunds will generally be made using the same means was used to make the original payment.

In order to avoid abuse, this guarantee is subject to the following limitations.

  1. The rights under this guarantee may only be exercised by a person in relation to one template document in each calendar year.
  2. You will have no rights under this guarantee in relation to packs of template documents (i.e. bundles including more than one template).
  3. We reserve the right not to provide a refund under this guarantee where we have evidence that, or suspect that, the refund request amounts to an abuse of this guarantee.