Why Docular templates?

When not to use Docular templates

In some cases you should not choose our templates.

The two key questions to ask when selecting a legal template concern quality and appropriateness.

  • Is the template well-drafted, error-free and up to date?
  • How closely does the template's purpose match my purpose?

Whilst all our templates are high-quality documents, they will not always be appropriate.

If you cannot find a suitable template anywhere, then please let us know and we may be able to help.

There are hundreds of websites selling legal templates.

Why should you choose ours?

Quality drafting:

Our templates have all been drafted by legal professionals trained at large law firms, each with at least a decade of experience in the relevant field. We believe that our IT and internet law templates, in particular, are a cut above those available elsewhere.

Up-to-date templates:

Our templates are all up to date. We amend them regularly to keep pace with changes in the law and business practice. For instance, during 2013/2014 approximately 200 of our templates were updated (over 50% of our catalogue).


As well as being legally sound, our templates are checked by a specialist legal proofreader before publication.

Updated versions:

When you purchase a template, you get the right to any updated versions of the template published in the 12 months following your purchase. Sign up for ContractAlert to be notified of changes.

Satisfied customers:

We know our customers are happy with our services because they tell us again and again, often without prompting.  Only 1 in 500 customers take advantage of our money-back guarantee (see below for details).

Trusted templates:

We have taken over 15,000 template orders since the business was established. We estimate that the free versions of our legal templates are used on more than a million websites.

Established business:

Docular Limited took over the online publishing business of SEQ Legal LLP, established in 2007, in March 2020.

Serious customers:

Although most of our customers are small and medium-sized businesses, we also sell templates to solicitors, barristers and other legal professionals. Our templates are also used by some household-name enterprises.


We offer a generous 90 day money-back guarantee.