Saved so much time
Wednesday, 21 April 2021  |  Nick

These packs save me so much time and effort.
If you're arrangement is reasonably straightforward these templates are perfect and flexible enough to meet requirements.

This is the second pack I've bought and both have helped provide a framework for me (I'm a one man business) to work with legal departments in much larger organisations.

They're easy to read and the companion notes make them easy to customise.

Highly recommended.

Good product at the right price
Thursday, 1 April 2021  |  Don

This is the first time we have used this company for documentation and found the purchasing system easy to use. The actual service contract we purchased was easy to customise and saved us a great deal of work creating one from scratch.
We will definitely use them again the next time we require anything similar

Very good groundwork
Monday, 22 March 2021  |  Mario

This document contains everything you need if you run an affiliate programme with only very few adjustments required. Very recommended.

A huge time saver
Thursday, 18 February 2021  |  Thomas

Great standard contracts and well thought out... this place will now be my goto place for future contract drafting.

Easy to find
Monday, 15 February 2021  |  Martin

Explanations were good, enabled us to get a EULA very quickly

SaaS agreement
Monday, 8 February 2021  |  Patrik

Excellent document with side explanatory notes, several wording options for important articles, well structured and easy to edit. Thanks!

Good Template End User Licence Agreement (EULA)
Wednesday, 2 December 2020  |  Martin

I needed to produce a EULA for a client in a hurry and this template draft agreement was just the job. So much faster than starting from scratch to produce a quality agreement with a "first time right" requirement from my client. Very happy and will use the Website Contracts team again to support me.

Not as useful as I would have hoped
Wednesday, 25 November 2020  |  Jock

The content description for this product contains reference to three different versions of the agreement, however you only receive the basic version. Misleading.

Additionally it would be useful if the agreement contained the following:
- Waiver of moral rights
- Although there is a warranty that the software won't breach a 3rd party's rights, it makes sense to include a clause that includes an uncapped indemnity and right to a full refund.
- A warrant that the code doesn't use any open source libraries would be useful. Large investors sometimes seek this.
- Some clauses around an acceptance testing process. If the software doesn't pass after the xth test the customer has the right to a refund.
- Confidentiality clause.
- Provisions for security measures taken by the Developer.
- Non compete clause.

Once again, not that impressed by template products, but you get what you pay for I guess.

Excellent policy document
Friday, 13 November 2020  |  Katherine

Very clear, easy to use and excellent notes guiding me through. So many friends said they cut and pasted other companies I did not want to take such measures as not owning or understanding what I was legally obliged to do. I watched an hour course privacy4 before purchasing so I could understand my legal obligation as a new company and ensure the document met my obligation as a counsellor and my professional membership, insurance company and the data protection act. Thank you for providing an affordable support document to help reassure Iím heading in the right direction.

Simple to use
Wednesday, 5 August 2020  |  Karina

Great piece of mind knowing that we have that is tailored to our needs with a few tweaks needed