Employment contracts

We supply a full range of employment contract templates, covering full time, part time and temporary workers. The employment contracts are designed to be easy for you to use, whilst helping you to navigate the maze of employment regulation. They are specifically designed for use in England and Wales.

The template employment contracts can be used in relation to a very wide range of jobs, whether skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled. For example: care workers, craftsmen, creatives, engineers, drivers, IT workers, labourers, managers, manual workers, office workers, professionals, retail staff, scientists, technicians and tradesmen.

All these employment contract templates were created and are maintained by Mark Minns, an experienced employment solicitor and founding partner of mpm legal solutions Limited.

. They are regularly updated to keep pace with changes in employment law.

The documents are suitable for use in England and Wales.

There are three categories of contract: documents suitable for full time employees, part time employees and fixed term (ie temporary) employees.

A properly prepared employment agreement will help you to comply with employment law and to manage the risks arising out of the employer-employee relationship. Employment law (case law as well as statutes and regulations) affects many aspects of the employment contract, and contracts must be drafted to take account of the background law. Not only does a well-drafted contract aid compliance with employment law; it also helps reduce the legal risks that arise out of the employee-employer relationship. In the event of a dispute between the employer and the employee, a well-drafted employment contract may help the parties to resolve the dispute without recourse to legal proceedings, potentially saving a great deal of time and money.