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We make it easy for businesses to create and maintain professional legal documents.

Small businesses face big challenges trying to comply with the law and to manage legal risk.  Each year the volume and complexity of business law increases. Few small businesses have the resources required to get professional advice on all areas of the law that affect them.

Our template legal documents can help.

Our document library

We publish and maintain around 300 different documents templates, with a focus on IT, digital media, intellectual property and commercial law.  All of the documents are:

  • drafted by experts
  • in clear English
  • accompanied by guidance notes
  • easily adapted
  • competitively priced

The templates are updated regularly to keep pace with legal developments.

The majority of our documents have been prepared to reflect the requirements of English law and European Union law. We will continue to reflect EU law developments in our documents where appropriate.

Choosing and buying a document

Find the document you need by browsing through the categories (in the menu on the left) or using our search facility (top right).

We appreciate that choosing the right document template is not always straightforward.  Please contact us if you need help choosing.

Once you have found the template you want, you should:

  • add the template to your shopping cart
  • proceed to the checkout area
  • complete the checkout process

As soon as we have received and processed your payment, a receipt email will be sent to you, and from that point you will be able to download the template from the "my account" area of this website.

Professional services

In addition to supplying template legal documents, we can refer you to one of our partner law firms.

You can request a quote here.