Sale and supply contracts

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Page 1 of 1:    5 templates

Sale agreements and supply contracts fulfil a range of different purposes.

For example: they specify (sometimes by reference to another document) the goods or products to be supplied, and the price to be paid by the buyer. They set out the warranties and representations that the supplier gives - and does not give - in relation to the goods or products (e.g. will the goods be fit for any particular purpose?). They should detail the delivery process, and also apportion risk and liability in relation to losses occurring during delivery. Sale agreements may specify that the seller retains ownership of the goods until payment has been made (aka a retention of title).

We offer a range of different template sale and supply contracts.

As regards the offline/B2B templates, two of the template sale and supply documents are suitable for use in relation to the sale and supply of goods or products within the UK; two are suitable for use in relation to international supplies. Different templates are necessary because, under English law, different legal rules apply to the two different kinds of contract. These template sale contracts are either "standard" or "premium". In addition to all the terms in the standard documents, the premium sale documents contain optional provisions covering: confidentiality obligations, product liability claims, intellectual property infringement claims, early cancellation of the contract and price variation by the supplier, and a more detailed retention of title.