Health and fitness information disclaimer

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This disclaimer is for businesses which publish health and fitness information on websites.

Author:Alasdair Taylor
Updated:29 January 2018
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The publication of information and guidance relating to health and fitness on a website presents obvious risks. The function of this disclaimer is to help with the management of those risks.

The disclaimer makes it clear that the published information is not intended to constitute advice, and that no warranties or guarantees are given that the information is complete, up to date or accurate. In addition, the disclaimer states that readers should not ignore professional advice on the basis of any of the information, and should seek medical attention if they are suffering from any illness or injury.

Of course, the use of a disclaimer does not however guarantee that a business will be free from complaints or legal actions; and a tailor-made disclaimer is more likely to give adequate protection. As a general rule, you should consider taking legal advice from a solicitor or other legal professional before launching any business which publishes health and fitness information.

  1. No advice
  2. No warranties
  3. Health and fitness information
  4. Medical assistance
  5. Interactive features
  6. No liability
  7. Limits upon exclusions of liability

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