Services contracts

These are generic services agreements. We also supply a wide range of service-specific contracts. If you can find a document that is specific to the type of service you are providing, you should - all else being equal - prefer that document over one of these generic templates.

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Page 1 of 1:    7 templates

The law classifies most of the things that businesses supply to their customers as either goods or services. The classification of a thing as a good or service has important legal consequences, affecting for example the warranties that are implied into the contract between the business and its customers.

There are innumerable different types of services. Most of the things supplied by businesses that you cannot touch are services. Examples of services include legal services and financial services, cleaning services and gardening services, translation services and transportation services.

We supply four different generic services agreements.

Two of the services agreements are "standard" versions, and two are "premium" versions. The main differences between the two types of templates are that the premium templates contain additional (optional) provisions covering deliverables (i.e. things to be delivered by the service provider to the client, such as written reports), intellectual property rights, confidentiality, data protection and project management.