Terms and conditions for the supply of services

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Generic terms and conditions for business services.

Author: Alasdair Taylor
Updated: 7 January 2021
Length: 20 pages (min.)
Notes: 21 pages (min.)
Format: MS Word (.DOCX)

This is a terms and conditions-style services contract. It has been created for use in connection with a wide variety of different B2B services. It is not suitable for use in connection with B2C services. It comes in both "standard" and "premium" forms.

The supplier undertakes to provide the services under the services contract to the customer in accordance with any agreed timetable or schedule. You may specify whether or not the supplier has the right to sub-contract the provision of the services. Optional provisions cover the licensing of intellectual property rights in the output of the services.

In some cases, the supplier may need the assistance and support of the customer in order to supply the services. Optional provisions including these kinds of obligations are included in the services contract.

The services contract includes detailed provisions concerning the payment of fees, which may be agreed in advance or calculated by reference to an hourly rate. Optional provisions for fee variation and supplier expenses are also included.

This premium terms and conditions template is a fuller version of the standard T&Cs. It include a range of additional optional provisions.

The services contract is designed to be adapted by the user. It can be adapted to be supplier-friendly or customer-friendly. Alternatively, it can be adapted to balance fairly the interests of the parties.

  1. Definitions
  2. Term
  3. Services
  4. Customer obligations
  5. Deliverables
  6. Customer Premises
  7. Customer Materials
  8. Intellectual Property Rights
  9. Change control (premium only)
  10. Charges
  11. Expenses
  12. Timesheets (premium only)
  13. Payments
  14. Non-solicitation: restrictions on Provider (premium only)
  15. Non-solicitation: restrictions on Customer (premium only)
  16. Confidentiality
  17. Publicity (premium only)
  18. Data protection
  19. Warranties
  20. Indemnities
  21. Limitations and exclusions of liability
  22. Force Majeure Event
  23. Termination
  24. Effects of termination
  25. Notices
  26. Subcontracting
  27. General (split into separate clauses in the premium version)
  28. Interpretation

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