GDPR pack

Price:  £120.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£100.00 Exc. VAT)

A pack containing a range of GDPR-related documents.

This pack contains all the legal documents within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) category on this website (excepting the cyber security documents, which can be purchased separately).

A range of different privacy policy documents are included. These documents are designed to help data controllers to provide information to website users and customers about how they process personal data.

The data protection information notices are similar to the privacy policies. They fulfil the same basic function but with respect to other categories of data subject, such as subcontractors and supplier personnel.

The pack includes data processing agreements. These are designed to help data controllers and data processors to ensure that their mutual contracts comply with the GDPR, and in particular with Article 28, which regulates the content of such contracts.

A data retention policy template provides a sophisticated framework for defining the archiving, retention and deletion processes of an organisation. 

NB this is not a comprehensive pack of GDPR documents. For example, it does not currently include data protection impact assessment forms or information security questionnaires.

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