Software developer pack

Price:  £160.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£133.33 Exc. VAT)

Packs of sophisticated legal documents for software developers, including licences, NDAs, development agreements and support and maintenance agreements.

This pack of documents includes contract documents covering software licensing, software development, software maintenance, the provision of software as a service, non-disclosure obligations, and the assignment of rights in software. There are full descriptions for each document on the product pages for the individual documents.

Licence agreements

There are different software licence agreements included in the pack: an end user licence agreement that can be used independently or in conjunction with a master licence; a standard licence agreement for B2B software licence deals; and various extended versions of that document.

Support and maintenance agreements

There is also a stand-alone software support and maintenance agreement that may be suitable for use where licence terms are already in place, or where you are supporting third party software.

Development agreements

The software development agreements are designed for use where bespoke software is being prepared for a specific client. The longer versions includes maintenance provisions.

Hosted service agreements

One key question for many software development businesses today is whether to license software to customers on a traditional basis, with the software residing on the machines of the client or a third party service provider working for the client. The main alternative is to provide the software as a service, whether by means of customer-dedicated instance, using a multi-tenanted server or some mixed approach.

The documents in this pack allow for many different forms of provision. For example, the software-as-a-service agreements allow for the provision of software programs to be installed on customer computers in addition to the provision of the hosted software.

Confidentiality agreements

NDAs are also included. These may be used, for example, in pre-contract negotiations with potential clients or in discussions with potential business partners.

Pack limitations and format

All businesses will of course face other legal issues, and this pack will not answer all your legal questions. For instance, it does not include any company law documents (eg company constitutional documents and shareholder agreements); nor does it include any employment law documents (eg employment contracts and employee handbooks).

The pack is provided as a zip archive, which you will need to unzip before use (eg using 7zip). If you need assistance with this, let us know.

The following documents are included in the standard software developer pack:

In addition to the documents in the standard pack, the following are included in the premium software developer pack:

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