Web design and development pack

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A pack of document designed for website designers and developers.

The documents in this pack are primarily concerned with the relationship between a web design and development business and its customers. The business may be a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company. The documents assume, however, that customers are businesses rather than consumers.

Web design and development

With respect to the web design and development documents, the "agreement" style documents are designed for use where the parties may want to negotiate the legal terms, whereas the "terms and conditions" style documents would typically be imposed on clients without negotiation. Each style of document comes in long, medium and short length versions.

All of the web development documents include provisions dealing with the conduct of the web development project, acceptance of the web application, client cooperation, the licensing or assignment of rights in the web application, third party rights, customer materials and warranties relating to the application. They also include standard contractual provisions dealing with the term of the contract, termination and effects of termination, limitations of liability, indemnities and similar matters.


The consultancy agreements may be used to govern the relationship between the web developer and customer for consultancy-type services, or to govern the relationship between the web developer and sub-contractors appointed by the web developer. 


The non-disclosure or confidentiality templates may be helpful in relation to pre-contract disclosures by a potential client, or in relation to mutual disclosures of confidential information between the web development business and actual or potential business partners.


Finally, the assignment documents can be used where a bare transfer of rights in a website or a software program is all that is required.

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