SaaS pack

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A collection of templates covering the provision of cloud or hosted software-based services.

The documents in this collection all perform the same basic function: they set out the formal contractual terms under which a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS), a hosted service or a cloud service makes the service available to customers.

The SaaS agreements are most suitable for arrangements involving the negotiation of contract terms, while the SaaS terms and conditions are more appropriate where the services provider will insist (or try to insist) that the customer signs up to standardised legal documentation. For the more commoditised services, the cloud services terms and conditions will be more appropriate. At the extreme, where the services provider offers minimal guarantees to customers, the subscription or PAYG website terms and conditions may be used.

The SaaS agreements and SaaS terms and conditions come in short, medium and long forms. All of these forms are intended for use in relation to B2B contracts only. The cloud services terms and conditions, by contrast, come in B2B, B2C and B2B + B2C forms.  Similarly, the subscription and PAYG website terms and conditions may be used with both business customers and consumers.

We have also included our mobile app EULA in this pack, although service providers may in some cases wish to rely upon the default terms supplied by the app distribution platforms.

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