Business pack

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Template legal documents that will be essential for many businesses.

This pack includes a set of templates that will be useful for many small businesses. The documents are not specific to any type of business, but cover such general issues as confidentiality, intellectual property rights, website notices and contract-related communications.

The documents are supplied in zip format.

The pack comes in three versions: basic, standard and premium

Basic business pack

First, an assignment of intellectual property rights is included. This document may be used to transfer intellectual property rights from one person or company to another. The document can cover a range of rights, including both registered and unregistered rights.

Second, the pack includes a pair of non-disclosure (aka confidentiality) agreements. One of the documents is unilateral, and protects the information of one of the parties. The other document is mutual, and protects the information of each party.

Third, the pack includes a privacy and cookies policy and a website disclaimer. These templates are designed for a simple website (eg a business brochure website), prompting the business to make the legally-required disclosures and generally helping with the management of the legal risks that arise out of the publication of a website.

Standard business pack

The additional templates in the standard pack are listed below. To find out more about a template, click on the relevant link.

Commission agreement: This template provides for the payment of commission by one party to the other party upon the occurrence of some event. The commission is calculated as a percentage of a given base amount. In the event of a dispute, the party entitled to payment may be granted audit rights.

Non-solicitation agreement (unilateral): This template restricts one party from damaging or otherwise interfering with the business relationships of the other party. The provisions concerning the types of relationships covered, and the types of interference that are prohibited, are very flexible.

Consultancy agreement (standard): This document is designed to cover the appointment of a consultant or firm of consultants. It incorporates provisions relating to the performance of the consultancy services, intellectual property rights and confidential information.

Sponsorship agreement (standard): Where one party is paying another in exchange for sponsorship-type benefits, this template will be useful. It is not specific to any particular type of sponsorship, and may for instance be used in relation to the sponsorship of an event, a location, a team or an individual.

Premium business pack

The functions of the additional documents in the premium pack are detailed below.

Commission and confidentiality agreement: This template provides for the payment of some percentage of a base amount by one contracting party to the other. The confidentiality obligations in the document are mutual - in other words, they protect each party in respect of its own confidential information disclosed to the other.

Confidentiality and non-solicitation agreement (mutual): This document combines the provisions from our one-way non-disclosure agreement with the provisions from our one-way non-solicitation agreement.

Assignment of copyright: Copyright protects a wide range of works and materials, from novels to software, and from photos to architectural works. This straightforward template can be used to transfer ownership of copyright from one person, partnership or company to another.

Novation agreement: A novation involves switching the identity of a contracting party under a subsisting contract. The new party, the old party and the counter-party must all sign the document.

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