Legal website terms and conditions

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A combination of our standard website T&Cs template and our special legal information disclaimer. An extended version also covers paid subscriptions to legal content.

Author: Alasdair Taylor
Updated: 5 April 2021
Length: 10 pages
Notes: 15 pages
Format: MS Word (.DOCX)

There is a great deal of legal information on the web. Much of this information is published on websites with a legal focus, whether those of law firms, barristers' chambers, NGOs, legal journals, legal support businesses or individual lawyers. The legal information comes in many forms: subject introductions, summaries of statutes, case reports, professional practice notes, academic analysis, and so on. One risk that almost all legal information publishers face is that users will treat information as advice, and rely upon it to their detriment. How should this risk be managed?

The website publisher should institute procedures to reduce the risk that defective information will be published, or that users will rely upon the published legal information (whether defective or not) without taking professional advice. The publisher should also incorporate appropriate disclaimers of liability into the website.

This template is designed to help with the second of these tasks, as well as covering all the usual subject matter of website terms and conditions.

Two broad groups of liability disclaimer are included in the document. The first covers legal information specifically. It specifies that information rather than advice is published on the website, and that users should not rely upon that information without further enquiry. The second covers general categories of loss, excluding and restricting certain types of loss which might otherwise be recoverable by a person overcoming the first type of liability disclaimer. Of course, all limitations of liability are subject to review by the courts, and you will need to adapt the limitations in the document to suit the particular circumstances of the website in question.

A special, optional clause is included to cover interactive informational services (eg Q&As).

In addition, this document includes provisions relating to: (i) copyright matters, dealing with the ownership of rights and the rights of users to use the website; (ii) licensing of content uploaded to the website by users; (iii) forms of acceptable and unacceptable website usage; (iv) breaches of the terms and conditions; and (v) user accounts, usernames and passwords, as well as general boilerplate provisions.

  1. Introduction
  2. Copyright notice
  3. Licence to use website
  4. RSS feed
  5. Acceptable use
  6. Registration and accounts
  7. User IDs and passwords
  8. Cancellation and suspension of account
  9. Your content: licence
  10. Your content: rules
  11. Report abuse
  12. Legal information
  13. Limited warranties
  14. Limitations and exclusions of liability
  15. Indemnity
  16. Breaches of these terms and conditions
  17. Third party websites
  18. Trade marks
  19. Variation
  20. Assignment
  21. Severability
  22. Third party rights
  23. Entire agreement
  24. Law and jurisdiction
  25. Statutory and regulatory disclosures
  26. Our details

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