Assignment of rights in a website

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A bundle of different IP rights subsist in the typical website. Transfer those rights to another person or business with this downloadable assignment template.

Author: Alasdair Taylor
Updated: 10 January 2023
Length: 6 pages
Notes: 6 pages
Format: MS Word (.DOCX)

This document allows for the straightforward transfer of the copyright and other intellectual property rights in a website (or a set of websites) from one person or organisation to another.

The website or websites that are the subject of the assignment should be defined in the schedule to the document.

The optional defined term "Excluded IP" can be use to carve-out from the assignment specific rights that subsist in the website, for example because the assignor wishes to retain those rights, or because they are owned by a third party.

Note: this document is not suitable for use in relation to the transfer of a website-based business as a going concern.

  1. Definitions
  2. Consideration
  3. Assignment
  4. Moral rights
  5. Warranties
  6. Indemnity
  7. Limits upon exclusions of liability
  8. Further assurance
  9. General
  10. Interpretation

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