Intellectual property pack

Price:  £60.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£50.00 Exc. VAT)

A set of documents relating to the assignment and licensing of intellectual property rights.

Most of the documents in this pack are concerned with the transfer of copyright and other intellectual property rights from one person to another. Lawyers usually refer to such transfers as "assignments", whether or not any money changes hands. The assignment documents in this pack are specific to either the types of rights being assigned or the underlying subject matter:

  • copyright
  • trade marks
  • rights in a website
  • rights in software

In addition, the pack includes a general assignment of intellectual property rights.

This pack includes a pair of licensing documents. Formally, a licence of intellectual property is a permission given by the owner (or by a superior licensee with appropriate authority) allowing another person to act in relation to the intellectual property in such a way that, but for the licence, that other person would infringe the owner's (and/or the superior licensee's) rights.

Lastly, the pack includes a domain name sale agreement, which may be useful in relation to more important domain name transactions, or those which require a separation of the obligation to transfer and the transfer itself.

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