Services marketplace website terms and conditions

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T&Cs for a services marketplace, covering the various types of relationship that may arise.

Author: Alasdair Taylor
Updated: 17 March 2021
Length: 20 pages
Notes: 27 pages
Format: MS Word (.DOCX)

This terms and conditions template is designed for websites that provide a marketplace allowing customers and service providers to come together and to enter into contracts. The customers may be consumers and/or businesses.

Special clauses in the document deal with user-supplied and user-generated content. These clauses include an express licence benefiting the website operator and a set of warranties to give the operator comfort that the content will not create liabilities. Additional clauses deal with legal issues arising out of the publication of reviews of service providers, although these can easily be removed if the website in question does not include reviews.

Although the website operator is not a party to the contract between the service provider and the customer, the document does include specific provisions designed to regulate that relationship. These provisions include a distance contracts clause, setting out customers rights to cancel within the cooling off period defined by law.

As well as provisions dealing with the relationships between the website operator, service providers and customers, the document also contains provisions relating to website users who do not fall into any of these categories.

The document makes few assumptions about the nature of the services to be provided. It will not however be sufficient in all cases - particularly those cases where special legal rules apply to the services (eg financial services).

  1. Introduction
  2. Copyright notice
  3. Permission to use website
  4. Misuse of website
  5. Use on behalf of organisation
  6. Buyer registration and accounts
  7. Service provider registration and accounts
  8. User login details
  9. Reviews
  10. User reviews
  11. Service provider listings
  12. Differentiated treatment
  13. Service rules
  14. Services marketing
  15. Data
  16. The buying and selling process
  17. Terms and conditions of supply
  18. Distance contracts: cancellation right
  19. Marketplace fees
  20. Payments
  21. Our role
  22. Our rights to use your content
  23. Rules about your content
  24. Provision of contact details
  25. Report abuse
  26. Suspension and restriction of services
  27. Limited warranties
  28. Limitations and exclusions of liability
  29. Indemnity
  30. Termination
  31. Third party websites
  32. Trade marks
  33. Variation
  34. Assignment
  35. Severability
  36. Third party rights
  37. Entire agreement
  38. Law and jurisdiction
  39. Statutory and regulatory disclosures
  40. Our details

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