Window cleaning terms and conditions

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Standard T&CS of a business for window cleaning services.

Author: Alasdair Taylor
Updated: 13 January 2023
Length: 15 pages
Notes: 14 pages
Format: MS Word (.DOCX)

Like any service provider that performs its work on the customer's premises, a window cleaner may encounter unexpected difficulties, which can be minimised or avoided with clearly-defined terms and conditions, such as those set out in our window cleaning terms and conditions of business template.

What happens, for example, if the window cleaning personnel are late because they are delayed at another worksite? If staff are sick or the window cleaning business is encountering sudden recruiting difficulties, can the business cancel an appointment without giving the client the right to call off the whole job? If the services are being performed outdoors, as will often be the case, does the window cleaner have a right to delay due to bad weather?

Can the window cleaning business be certain that its employees will be safe on the job site and that they will have unfettered access to the windows needing cleaning? In case of jobs that take several days, will the cleaner be able to leave materials and equipment onsite without worrying about whether they will be moved, damaged or discarded?

If a client pays late or the business needs to increase its fees, what options does the window cleaner have?

In terms of customer relations, how can the business provide its clients with an assurance that the work will be done to their satisfaction? If the customer is not satisfied, what are the consequences? What legal rights do individual consumers have to cancel and what happens if the window cleaner has already begun work at the time the consumer wants to cancel?

Along with basic contract terms, each of these important questions is addressed in our window cleaning terms and conditions of business template.

The model T&Cs are structured so that they can be used with both business and individual window-cleaning customers. In addition to provisions that respond to the key concerns mentioned above, the T&Cs include a number of optional clauses that could be used to extend the obligations of the business (for example, an obligation to include certifications about the fitness of its personnel) or those of the customer (for example, an obligation to maintain appropriate insurance) with respect to the services.

The template contains routine contract provisions dealing with termination, indemnity, the window cleaner's confidentiality obligations and limitations on liability. Other optional clauses cover the procedure for approving subcontracts and allow the provider to expressly limit its liability for particular damages, such as lost business or indirect damages.

The template also contains a statement of work that can be used for a discrete job or a series of projects with the same customer.

  1. Definitions
  2. Term
  3. Services
  4. Services appointments
  5. Provider personnel
  6. Customer Premises
  7. Customer obligations
  8. Representatives
  9. Charges
  10. Timesheets
  11. Payments
  12. Provider's confidentiality obligations
  13. Distance and off-premises contracts: cancellation right
  14. Warranties
  15. Indemnity
  16. Limitations and exclusions of liability
  17. Force Majeure Event
  18. Termination
  19. Effects of termination
  20. Status of Provider
  21. Notices
  22. Subcontracting
  23. General
  24. Interpretation

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